• LOT OF 4 ' MADONNA ' HIT 45's+1PS Crazy For You]        THE 80's!

STOP! Please, this will help YOU... yes YOU! Read this, then proceed: I would like to clear-up if a 'Picture Sleeve' is real or not ... since there's been so many buyers recently asking the question ... "Is the Picture Sleeve real or not" ... if you see (Copy) anywhere in the Title or listing, it's a Picture of the front of a Picture Sleeve, a album cover or a CD cover ... it's a copy ... [a reproduction; not an original]. Look on the bright side it got your attention ... which is exactly what I wanted to do, it didn't cost you a dime(it's my paper, ink & time) and it really looks as nice as the original ... but it's just a PICTURE of the "FRONT" of the original PICTURE SLEEVE, a ALBUM cover or CD cover. So if you DON'T see (Copy) anywhere in that listing ... then it's THE REAL DEAL ... an "ORIGINAL" Picture Sleeve. I hope this clears up any confusion as to what is REAL and NOT REAL. If there is a problem and there has been and most likely will be in the future, it's because you; A - didn't bother read this or B - didn't really understand it ... come on ...Picture InformationTHESE ARE 4 HITS BY ' MADONNA ' ON 45's + 1PS, FROM THE 80's!   1.  1985  SIRE-29083  "MATERIAL GIRL"/ "PRETENTER" # 2 HIT !    2.  1985  GEFFEN-29051  "CRAZY FOR YOU"[from the movie 'Vision Quest' Starring Matthew Modine]"/ "NO MORE WORDS[Berlin]" + PS # 1 HIT !    3.  1986  (blue vinyl)SIRE-28591  "TRUE BLUE"/ "AIN'T NO BIG DEAL" # 3 HIT !    4.  1989  SIRE-27539  "LIKE A PRAYER"/ "ACT OF CONTIRITION" # 1 HIT ! ALL THE RECORDS HAVE BEEN CLEANED AND PLAYED AND THEY DO NOT SKIP! THERE'S VERY LITTLE IF ANY BACKGROUND NOISE. THE PICTURE SLEEVE LOOKS NICE AND DOES NOT HAVE ANY STICKERS, TAGS, SEAM SPLITS STAINS OR WRITING(See Photo). THE LABELS DO NOT HAVE ANY STICKERS, TAGS OR WRITING(See Photo). THESE RECORDS ARE BY NO MEANS MINT, BUT THEY STILL LOOK AND SOUND NICE FOR BEING 27+yrs.OLD! THE PS AND RECORDS BY ' MADONNA ' WOULD MAKE A VERY NICE ADDITION TO YOUR RECORD COLLECTION, AND AT A VERY REASONABLE PRICE. ALL RECORD RANKINGS ARE TAKEN FROM ' JOEL WHITBURNS ' BILLBOARD TOP POP SINGLES AND TOP R&B / HIP-HOP SINGLES BOOKS. THE PS AND RECORDS COME IN PLASTIC WITH PAPER SLEEVES! PLEASE CHECK MY FEEDBACK AND BID WITH CONFIDENCE! POSITIVE FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS GIVEN WHEN RECEIVED. IF I'VE STATED SOMETHING WRONG, I'LL TRY TO MAKE IT RIGHT! THANKS FOR LOOKING!     AUCTION                                                                     *** DISCOUNT ON SHIPPING WITH MULTIPLE PURCHASES ***SHIPPING: [USA-$5.00 1st LOT, THEN $2.00 EVERY LOT THEREAFTER, THEN (U.S. Only) THE LOTS AFTER 6 LOTS ARE FREE] [CANADA-$16.00 1st LOT, THEN $3.00 FOR EVERY LOT THEREAFTER] [ EUROPE & PACIFIC RIM- 1 LOT(4 Records)-$22.00 AND $3.00 FOR EACH LOT AFTER THAT .... SO IF YOU BOUGHT 5 LOTS SHIPPING WOULD BE $34.00 ...] The John Addison Rule: All sales outside the U.S., the buyer is responsible for all custom fees and tariffs. It is what it is, but if you let me know these problems before I print the shipping label ... I may be able to help ease the pain .. just communicate .. John Addison did not, that's why I wrote this rule. I don't like blocking buyers but if you threaten me with bad feedback for something your responsible for, that I have no control over ... you must let me know upfront ... if not it becomes your problem. Work with me and I'll work with you ... or you'll have to eat crow like John did. It can be avoided ... trust me.....                                          45 RPM RECORDS DOO-WOP, COUNTRY , R&B, HARD ROCK, MOTOWN & SOULCONDITION: ALL THE RECORDS SHOULD SOUND NICE ON YOUR TURNTABLE OR IN YOUR JUKEBOX !!! PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE AD BELOW!!!  **************************** FOR PAYMENT, I ACCEPT                                                                                                                 PAYPAL THANK'S FOR LOOKING CHECK OUT MY OTHER ITEMS.....        "ELVIS" HAS LEFT THE AUCTION!I personally write all of my own descriptions, take all of my own photos, and package all items for mailing myself.  I do not use text, photos or information from “other” sources and would certainly never do so without referencing them. Items pictured in any of my listings are always the actual items that buyers will receive from me. Thank you for viewing my auction.  I appreciate your interest.  Good luck bidding. *** All my auctions are now on Saturday & Sunday and sometimes just on Saturday. So the information is being updated, there are no more 3 day auctions. If you have a problem or just aren't sure of something ... just ask and I'll give you a quick reply or get back to A.S.A.P. ****** Thanks ... Mark ****************** THIS IS A SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT ************** PLEASE READ:For international buyers only! I'm sorry, but the recent postal rate hikes by the U.S. post office have given me no choice but to increase my international shipping when you buy more than (4 lbs.) that's about 9-10 lots then shipping will go from First Class International to Priority International which adds about $10.00 to the shipping cost. So if you buy a lot and cross that line, please understand why there is a shipping cost increase ... I don't like it either ... but it has to be. Thanks for understanding and enjoy your records ... International shipping is posted, but if you have any questions ... please ask. I ship in the U.S. by Media Mail. My aim is to provide vintage vinyl records of a decent quality at a reasonable price. I list the lots, you the buyer determine what that value will be. Please note however, nearly all the records I sell are used, some nearly fifty+ years old, and not all but some will have some minor imperfections, so please read descriptions and look over the pictures carefully. Any questions feel free to ask. In order to ensure maximum satisfaction, you may return any record within seven days for a full refund, if you feel it does not live up to the description provided. Thanks for looking - MARK *************** PLEASE READ *************** Many of the records I sell are 40-50+ years old and these older recording are more likely to have some type of minor imperfection, be it background noise (occasional popping or crackling sound), label marking's, label wear, etc. Some of your older records may have surface scratches which may affect the sound and playing of the record, then again some may not be affected at all, that's why I listen too the hit side and if there's a problem, I will throw away the record. These records are not going to be in mint condition, but trust me (Check My Feedback) ... they will be a welcome addition to your record collection and at a fair price, that won't break your piggy bank. I take the records I come across and clean them, listen too the hit-side and look at the B-side. When I come across a recording that doesn't sound good, and by that I mean something I couldn't listen too over & over again on my juke box ... I throw it away. If you come across a recording that doesn't sound good to you, please just let me know ... don't worry ... we'll work a solution that we both can live with. Let's make this an enjoyable E-Baying experience for you and me. Positve feedback is something I value and work for very hard to accomplish. This is my hobby, but I take it very seriously and hope you will be very happy with your records, and I hope our paths will cross again. I appreciate all the buyers that pay quickly, but if you plan on buying more lots during the 2 day auctions, please hold off until you're totally finished buying. This lets the automatic discounts I have set-up thru E-bay kick in and will then be given to you automatically ... without me having to go in and adjust the invoice myself. I will send you the updated the invoices as the 2 day auction goes along, but please remember that I may have too run an errand or two for my wife ... got to stay out of the "Dog House", so be patient ... trust me ... the updated invoice will get to you. If you do finish buying early and make payment ... before the 2 day auction has been completed ... just let me know that you are finished buying and I'll ship your records the next business day ... BUT YOU MUST LET ME KNOW ... IF YOU DON'T ... I WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL THE 2-DAY AUCTION IS DONE. That's why it is important to communicate with me ... because once I print off the E-bay address label and pay for the postage ... it's yours. If you do change your mind and want to buy more, we'll have to start from square one. I just want this to be a pleasant experience for both of us, so communicate with me ... it's just that simple ... really. It's really nice to be blessed with so many good paying customers ... I love what I do and hope you'll enjoy your records ... Thanks again, MarkThank you for viewing my auction.  I appreciate your interest.  Good luck bidding.As you know, in addition to feedback, also provides a 5 star rating system.  I'm doing my best to achieve a 5 star rating and you can help me to achieve this by rating me and this transaction.  Customer satisfaction is my number one goal.  If you are happy with your purchase, I would appreciate it if you give me a 5 star rating.  You can be assured I will return the favor by leaving you glowing positive feedback!  If you are not completely satisfied, please let me know before leaving any feedback or ratings, so that I may have an opportunity to correct any deficiency and truly earn the highest ratings.        Records are shipped after payment is received on the next business day, usually(Monday) following the ending of the auction on Saturday. Even if you pay for a lot on Thursday, I will ship the records on Monday, this prevents any confusion of who bought what on Saturday and lets me give the proper shipping discounts. I ship by Media Mail.                          Thanks again, Mark  Add a map to your own listings. FREE Trial !

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LOT OF 4 ' MADONNA ' HIT 45's+1PS Crazy For You] THE 80's!

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